Friday, August 28, 2020

It's Good!

This is Sissy.
She always looks grouchy 
and usually acts that way to the other cats.
She does love Bill and I but has no patience for the others!
I put the rest of the four patches together,
 I wondered about borders
 but this is already too large for a single width of fabric for the backing
 so I will reserve the rest of the sashing fabric for the binding. 
 Nice to see these antique (well, almost) patches from KeepsakeQuilting
 to my Aunt to my Mom and finally to me!  

Hot on the tail of that success, I had to find something new to piece!
  I dug through the shelves and organized several piles for future quilts! 
 This is a grouping of Autumn fabrics which I thought would make a good LeMoyne Star block.  

I wanted to make the centers all of one fabric but ran into some accuracy problems
 and after an hour, I admitted defeat.
I hauled out the Accuquilt Cutter and in no time had a whole pile of scraps cut up
 and this block pieced=accurately, I might add!
I think I am most proud of this watercolor painting of any I have yet done!
 She is a loggerhead ,which is the most common sea turtle to lay eggs on the Florida coast.
Here is the source of my inspirational  picture.
 Size 5" x 7"


  1. The turtle painting is gorgeous!! Fun to see autumn fabrics come out... Abigail and I are feeling the autumn itch and are counting down the days until we get out the fall decorations. :)

  2. Love your turtle painting. Sissy looks like she is saying "Don't you dare mess with me!"

  3. Love the cat, love the stars and LOVE that turtle!

  4. I love those stars. And that!!! I picked up my brush this week and it was pitiful. Just pitiful.

  5. Squares are looking good. All this scrap sewing is making me feel guilty I just keep cutting up scraps into squares, but not using them! LOL. Love the star redo, whip that fabric into submission! The turtle is stunning!

  6. Your loggerhead is GORGEOUS! You really have a talent for watercolor.

    Sissy wishes those others didn't take time from HER humans. LOL

  7. That turtle is so life-like. Such talent. I do like your new quilt block. I like the four-patches too.


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