Wednesday, August 26, 2020

My Chapters

My day began with a bit of electrical excitement!  
The fan wasn't working in the pool area so Bill went to the panel box to see why
 and found the circuit had tripped. 
 I just happened to be sitting in my room when he flipped the switch 
and I let out a yelp as I heard a big pop, fizz and saw smoke outside my window! 
 This is what we found!  
Some critter had made a nest in there and obviously shorted the wire.

When Bill turned it back on-we had a full out melt down! 
 Bill is an electrician so he had a new GFI to replace this one,
 was able to wire it back in 
and seal the box up so there would be no more residents! 
We are very grateful this is the ending to the story and 
there was no need for the fire department to come!
 What a fun way to start the day! 

I was able to add a row to the four patches. 
 It is now halfway done. 
 I'm not rushing it,  I am enjoying doing a little sewing each day.
I also set up for a little drawing and painting!
Just a happy little mushroom gathering!
Ignore the wet spot on the mat-I splashed the water! 
 But this makes me smile!
  I will most likely just mail it off as a postcard!
 I'm adding a bit of color to the new round yoke cotton sweater!  
I am using a slip stitch method for the colorwork
 because I didn't want to carry the other strand of yarn across the work 
and make it thicker. 
 I don't need extra warmth on a cotton t-shirt for months yet!


  1. Oh, dear. It was good that Bill could fix it for you. That would have cost some big bucks.
    I had a mouse eat the wires in my car again this week. You would think that with all these cats that wouldn't be a problem. They certainly are not earning their keep.

  2. Yikes! That's a scary thing to have happen. glad everything (and everyone) is ok. Your little mushrooms/toadstools are cute - they need some fairy people underneath them!

  3. Oh geez! What a way to start the day!
    I've been trying to decide what to paint on my next pot and I think you just gave me the inspiration! Mushrooms! So cute.

  4. Eek! I too have an EE for a husband. It's lovely sometimes, but then when he gets into rewiring things or hooking up a gas cook top, I'm a little wary. LOL!

  5. Glad your electrical issue wasn't any worse.

    The majority of fire calls we get are 3 kind === alarms triggered for no reason, odor of gas and ................electrical/wires in or out of dwelling.

  6. Nothing scares me more than problems with electrical wires. Happy that Bill was able to solve the problem.

  7. How lucky you are that Bill is an electrician. That pop, fizzle and smoke would have startled me too! Isn't it amazing the places critters find to nest?
    I like the way your four-patch is coming along. Bright and happy!

  8. Isn't it great when our DHs have those mad skillz?

  9. Wait wait, how do you use a slip stitch instead of fair isle/ Id Love to know that one
    and Oh my gosh. That box reminds me of The MONEY Pit scene. Thank goodness you are all fine. Pretty quilt

  10. Yikes!! The mushrooms are much nicer than the electrical mess! (Very grateful it wasn’t worse.)


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