Saturday, August 29, 2020


When I was looking for the second skein of sock yarn, 
I came across this yarn that is similar to Chroma from KnitPicks; 
 it is a single ply lightweight yarn.  
I thought it would be fun to crochet these motifs without having to change yarns --no decisions! 
 I just use slip stitches to get me to the place I need to be for the next round!  
These just few off the needles. 
 I only have one more skein of this yarn 
but I do have several balls of ends from Chroma 
so I will blend them into one lap robe. 
 I don't care if it is only big enough for a cat blanket, 
I am enjoying making them! lol

I rarely post about cooking/baking because I don't enjoy it, truth be told.  
I would prefer to clean and let someone else do the cooking!  
Anyway, this is a Friday night ritual-fresh pizza by me.
  I actually enjoy it and there is enough left over for lunch the next day!  
Even better!
Art work of the day----Early morning fishing. 
 A  4 x 6" card that will be sent to my oldest grandson who loves to fish from his kayak!



  1. Using variegated yarn for the lanterns is a great idea! David will love the painting (I won’t tell)!

  2. I need to find a fail proof easy pizza dough, I love pizza but don't enjoy making it!

  3. I've been making pizza on Fridays too but yesterday I had to use up my Asian vegetables I managed to get in my last delivery so it was fried rice. I miss that pizza though. I love it for breakfast the next day. Since my college days, I have a thing for cold pizza.
    I crocheted a shawl once using variegated yarn and it was a lot of fun. More fun that weaving in ends for sure. I've always admired that lantern pattern but it's a little beyond my skill level which is pretty much 0.

  4. I've made a few blankets with that lantern pattern, changing colors along the way. I told myself if I make another, I won't be changing colors every round. :-)
    Will you share your pizza dough recipe? Mine never turns out and we love pizza. Your's looks delicious.
    Take care.

  5. I feel your swap pain. Well see how the ATC goes.

  6. Oh those Lamps are so pretty. What a cool thing for your grand to get your ART!

  7. That will be a lovely afghan.
    Not long before Covid, I started making homemade pizza to save a little on takeout. It has definitely saved us since COVID. Every grocery day is pizza-pie night!


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