Thursday, August 27, 2020

Still Summer

Isn't this beautiful?! 
 The Magnolia tree is covered with these pods. 
 The critters love to eat the seeds as soon as they ripen.  
I began the second crazy-big sock for Bill. 
 This is made of the soft goat/mohair yarn from Russia.
  I am still working on the sweater for me but it requires attention 
and the sock is good for getting in the zone!

Another fun little *pic....
I think I will have to fold a bunch of cards from the watercolor paper
 so I can send these and cheer up friends!  

*ideas are from  Emma Lefebve on


  1. Magnolias are beautiful in every stage! Fun to see the Russian yarn morphing. :) Watercolor is so perfect for those watermelons; it creates a very realistic look for the textures of the fruit.

  2. I love her videos!!! That's a great idea for making cards.

  3. Fun card! I’ve enjoyed two yummy watermelon this summer.

  4. Oh what cute cards they would make! Watermelon seems chewy to me this year....

  5. What a fun painting. They would make wonderful "cheer up" cards. The sock looks soft. I've never knitted with goat hair before. Is it soft too?

  6. Adorable watermelons.

    Stephen once found one of those pods when he was little. He was convinced something had fallen from outer space.

  7. Lovely bloom. And cute watermelons! Would make a fun kid's card.


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