Friday, February 26, 2021

Buds and Bowl

This is one of my King Orchids, a mother's day gift several years ago.  I thought the plant was crowded so I separated the corms in half and planted them into two pots.  they have been mad at me ever since.  This past summer, I lightened the potting soil with a lot more wood chips and it was just what they needed--this one is budding now!  Orchids do not like to be 'smothered'!
And this one is already busting out in bloom!  The plant itself resembles an iris in its height and the corm system but the flower is all orchid-just wait until it is completely open, I'll show you!
In the house we have some buds coming on the orchids, too.  The one on the right has little buds--this will be the first time it has bloomed since I received  it (when it was in bloom). 
 It is in a cute little mini-pot.
The one on the left, it is just pushing out its bud stalk.
And the 12 year old orchid is sending out its bloom stalk, too. 
 It is a bit behind schedule but that's okay by me!
Outside, the Amaryllis pot is sending out its stalks at the same time it is sending out its leaves-this was frost-bitten and we were afraid for it--for naught it seems! 
 I can't wait to see the orangey red flowers!
And another square bowl off the lathe-this one for middle son.  
It is 6" x 5" so not quite square, maple this time--beautiful worm ridden wood.
I made the rim thicker this time--it is much sturdier.
I will be working on the chimney 
and then another small bowl today!
  What's got your attention this Friday?


  1. Your orchid is lovely. I know nothing about them so it is always interesting when people post about them. Lovely bowl! I am going to tackle some more machine quilting on my snowflakes quilt. I'd like to finish it before spring officially gets here. It's too close to finishing now to pack it away until next year.

  2. Beautiful bowl and lucky son! And your orchids will be show stoppers too!!

  3. So glad the king orchid is blooming again!! The bowl is beautiful.

  4. Wow! Your orchids are beautiful. As I said before, I'm lousy at growing them so I have to enjoy other peoples. If I so much as look at an orchid in real like, I kill it. Seriousl.
    The bowl is lovely and I know your son will love it. The thicker rim will give it more stability won't it?
    Today I'll be inside again since it's snowing. I'm working on a lavender and white baby blanket that I hope to finish today. Then I'm going to crochet a new doily for the house.

  5. I'm hoping wherever we move has good windows for orchids. I love them but have no good spots to put them here.

  6. Ahhhhhhhhhh....I know that orchid. It's in the cymbidium family. It is very pretty.

  7. Another amazing bowl! Love the deep color.


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