Saturday, February 27, 2021

Sycamore Tree

I loaded a piece of Sycamore that was a crotch with three branches off of the one limb.  
I rounded it all out this time but did leave the very edge with some of the smooth sycamore bark.
You can see some of the green-ish bark here-it is smooth, not like the other live edges I've made.
I turned the bowl around when I finished hollowing it out and took off the tenon.  In no time, I had my name woodburned on the bottom and it was sealed up with the orange oil and wax finish.
What I love is the color of this wood!  It is very pink--it isn't the photo or anything I've done--it is the color of the wood!
At each of the places where there was a branch coming off of the trunk-you can see this blood red knot;  very striking!
I am thrilled with this bowl!  5" wide and 3" high-a very nice art bowl for the collection!

I'm off to finish the chimney grout and put some more green squares up on the design wall!

And another piece of wood just might end up on the lathe.....


  1. Interesting how each wood — not to mention each individual piece — has its own personality! Very pretty.

  2. Another home run! It's so neat how the branch leaves its mark!

  3. That is so beautiful. I love the knots and the green.
    Have fun playing with fabric and grout today.

  4. That one is a real stunner!


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