Saturday, February 20, 2021

Safe Harbor

I had my time at the chimney cut short when the rain blew into the porch and the area I was working!  
I was stopped in my tracks at the lathe when a crack developed and blew the bowl off the lathe.  I tried to seal it with CA glue and hold it with a vise grip but it immediately opened up again when mounted on the lathe.  It will go on a back burner while I think about a remedy.
I gave into the flow of the day like the cats and sat and watched YouTube and made a sock.....ahhh, like coming into a safe harbor after a storm!


  1. Sock knitting can be very soothing. Sorry about the bowl and the torrential rains!!

  2. Oh, dear. Sometimes you just gotta go with the flow...I am trying to make friends with all this cold and ice. Trying....I just have to make it until Monday when it will start to warm up.

  3. Sometimes there's nothing better than a simple sock

  4. Who is that cute little kitty???

    Your sock looks beautiful? Do you mind telling which pattern you are using?

  5. Glad you had your sock to turn to and a sweet kitty to keep you company. I'm sorry the rain ended your fun times with the chimney and the bowl decided to not cooperate. There are days like that aren't there?

  6. Sometimes we have to stand back until a solution presents itself!

  7. We had a blowing rain storm last night, the wind rattled everything! But nice to see lots of the snow melted with the rain.


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