Thursday, February 25, 2021

Scraps at their Best

This week's prompt was log cabin blocks
 so I made a row along the bottom of the quilt.
It was a great block to do because there are so many strips and little bits to use up.  I made a very loose style for the block, using varying widths to achieve the 6 1/2" block.
While I was in the sewing room, I started doodling for the table runner which I will make in March. 
This is still my favorite way to envision a new quilt-paper and pen!
Of course, I am making shamrocks!
I worked for more than an hour cutting the 2 1/2" squares
 needed for three shamrocks.
I cut out enough for the runner, I hope! 
 I didn't count the green and green-ish squares; 
 I just cut up scraps I could find--I am sure clearing out my scraps!  (see Lena hard at work with me?!)


  1. Goodness! That round robin is certainly putting you through your paces. That is going to be an lovely monster of a quilt.
    I can't wait to see the shamrocks. All those greens are so pretty together.

  2. Lena is such a good helper! The quilt is lovely.

  3. So very lovely. So much patience. I never learned to sew but have always loved quilts and admire the work put into each and every one. It's always nice to have a sweet little helper around. :)

  4. I love the row of log-cabin squares. It gives the quilt a modern twist.
    I still start any project I'm designing with paper and pencil, too.

  5. Love the LCs! And that runner will be is cute! Lena is working too hard, she needs a vacation!

  6. It's fun to see how you and Val are both doing the same quilt along, but your quilts are completely different. I like your log cabin blocks and your quilt is gorgeous. It's getting so big!
    It's fun to see how you use graph paper to design your quilt blocks. The shamrocks will be so pretty with those fabrics.
    It's a good thing that Lena is there to watch you and keep you on your toes. It looks to be exhausting work!
    Blessings and love,

  7. You design blocks the way I do! - Graph paper and coloured pencils! (AND LOTS of notes!)

  8. I use graph paper to plan quilts and crayons to add the color. I love the smell of crayons.

  9. You are coming right along on the SAHRR quilt. How beg do you expect it to be after next week? Love your tablerunner plan. I love hearts so much that I mistook your shamrock leaves at first for hearts! You have some fun fabrics to use.


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