Sunday, February 28, 2021

Squares on a Wall

I worked outside until the heat chased me indoors-yes, heat! 
 A very warm 87* today!  
The sun was too much for me 
but I did get halfway up the higher section of the chimney 
so I am on the home stretch now!
After a nice glass of iced tea, I played with fabric squares! 
 This is just for placement right now, 
once sewn together this section will be a 26" square
-two will make my table runner for the month! 
 In the big white square will be the appliqued stem 
for the shamrock.
Goodbye, February!


  1. Heat! I could use some of that. It's in the 50's here so I can't complain but a dose of warm sunshine would be most welcome.

  2. You'll be ready for March in no time.

    Wow! Summer is upon you already!

  3. I can't even imagine 87 degrees. We are thrilled that it got up to 40!
    You are doing a great job on the chimney.

  4. That topper will be so cute! I need to get out the green and make more toppers, I only have 2 green decor quilt! That must be attended to! Plus maybe a pillow too? LOL

  5. It was 43 today and I was thrilled! I guess it's a matter of perspective. Great job with the grout.
    The table topper is going to be perfect for St. Patricks Day. Love all of those green fabrics.

  6. I can't imagine 87 degrees either! We've been warming - into the 40's, and thta has felt great. That will be a very pretty table runner.

  7. You are steaming ahead on all fronts, despite the heat (I don't think we've had temperatures like that even in summer for over twenty years!). It must make grouting hard, as I imagine it dries quickly? Your patchwork runner is so vibrant - perfect for Spring.


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