Sunday, October 23, 2022


Can you believe it?!  I really have a pair of socks!  These were started in August--almost exactly 2 months ago!  No excuse. 
 But they are here, and it's a nice feeling to have them done!  (KnitPicks Static yarn, size 8-9 socks.)
Yesterday, I did go to the Fall Festival which was really the usual once a month Farmer's Market! lol 
This is for Dee!

I loved all of the animal booths--and the ability to be close to the animals!  We even talked with a guy about a 3' alligator he was holding (3'=three year old;  they grow about a foot a year!\
He, the handler, was very informative.
Once home, I finished off some more hats with this same yarn combination-Lion Brand Wool Ease and some Premier Prints to make a family of hats to fit a family up north--
Daddy, Mommy, Big Sister, LittleSister and the baby hat if for the baby due in February!  I always tell th enorthern family that I knit the warmth of Florida into them!  I have enough of the printed yarn to make the kids some mittens on the Sentro knitting machine also!  Coming Soon.
And I even played a bit on the lathe.  A friend has requested a hummingbird house in the shape of an acorn so I did a little preliminary work to try my ideas out.  After I finished this solid one for practice, I think I am putting it back on the lathe to make it a little box.  I have ideas way more than there is time! lol 


  1. Woo hoo for the sock finish! I do love Static. The festival looks like a good time. I'm looking forward to ours next weekend. I hope the good weather holds. That acorn is adorable. How cute would that be hanging in a tree?

  2. VERY nice firetruck. :-)

    So many people think it is strange, but I MISS the alligators. I have always found them fascinating. You get this big lug of an land-animal that is so absolutely graceful in the water.

    We still "see" them here. LOL When we walk at the lake I always do a double take if a stick/branch/log is close to the edge. I guess you can take the girl out of Florida, but you'll NEVER take Florida out of the girl.

  3. I keep forgetting to check out the Farmer's markets around here!!!

    Love the hats, and the acorn - so cute!


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