Friday, October 7, 2022



I am working on catching up on the Inktober drawings!  I only did one today but had a great time!  This is a gargoyle that is in the Oakland Cemetery in Atlanta, Georgia!

I did a lot of slicing and piecing--I've finished the flying geese units for the first two prompts, got out the ones I made before in the wrong color and used them now (thanks for the heads up, Alycia!) and am well on my way to making the new units!  Very relaxing.

Even though I put the pom-poms up where they would not be a temptation--I was wrong.  We had a death of two pom-poms.  Naughty, Lena!

I'm off to a local quilt show, right at my local quilt shop!  
I am meeting two friends there and then we will go to lunch after.
How nice to have a day of fun with friends!


  1. Oh no! Pom pom guts all over the carpet!

  2. That is one great gargoyle! That was a fun one to do. The rest...not so much although I did like researching bats to do that one. When we had Pup at the emergency vet's for her surgery they had a poster on the wall warning people about how dangerous yarn and thread is for animals to eat. They gave it a $5000 price tag to clear it out of your pet's tummy. They must see a lot of it to go that far to warn people. Sure made me stop and think. I am very bad at leaving thread all over the floor. Not anymore. I pay enough at the vet's as it is. Another $400 this morning for mite prevention. Jeeesh.

  3. I’m saving the mystery clues to do later. Your units look great.

  4. A local guild has their show this weekend, but I just can't get up the desire to go. Too much sewing and quilting to do! The frame jsut needs the leaders attached and then I can try it out!!


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