Friday, October 28, 2022


Yesterday was a long day but very productive!  The laughter and fellowship of women working together is wonderful!  I was pretty sore and came home right to bed! lol  A bit later I added the last rows to the hat and scarf on the Sentro 48.  I have a bit of work to finish the ends of the scarf and then I will toss them into the washer/dryer!  And they will be ready to gift!  I used LionBrand's Basic Stitch yarn, it is a #4 weight but a soft, smooth yarn nothing like RedHeart.  Don't hesitate to buy this acrylic yarn for any item you could find to knit!  
I have the whole day to recuperate and then tomorrow is another work day at church--I am on flower planting duty!  Exciting stuff.  I've always liked Fall cleaning better than the usual Spring cleaning!



  1. Red Heart!!! Oh my gosh, that stuff is awful. I once got a plastic sliver in my finger from it. It was like a splinter, but you couldn't SEE it. Sure could FEEL it though. From then on I called it Squeaky yarn.

  2. Nice hat and scarf. Your Sentro is getting a workout.

  3. That's the one thing I do miss about teaching. Those first days and last days of setting up and cleaning out your classrooms was always so much fun. We are so busy that us teachers never get to say a word to each other during the school year but those two weeks are always so nice to share. Lots of laughs-and physical hard work which is so nice after the year of mental stress.

  4. I'm glad that you had no lasting effects from your work day. The flower planting sounds like much more fun than chair cleaning!
    The hat and scarf turned out beautifully. I feel the same about Red Heart.


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