Monday, October 3, 2022


I recently saw this Autumn wreath on the Premier yarn website.  It inspired me to try it myself.
I've been making lots of poms-I will be tying some in place
 and using hot glue to wedge others. 
 It's rather relaxing to sit and wind!
I have a set of four pom-pom makers which are so easy to use!  One trick is to use string instead of yarn to tie the centers-
it makes a big difference .
Also using a surgeons' knot allows you to make it draw tightly!  
And on the Sentro Knitting front--I am making this Polar Bear ; 
 he is still being constructed but here's a glimpse.
His head is open because I am waiting for a little rattle box to arrive to insert into the head.  Once it is in the middle of the polyfil, I will shut up the top and add little ears!  My inspiration for him is from Koala Knits and Knacks--she is a very good teacher;  you will be seeing more of her projects in the near future!



  1. Pom poms are fun…I like watching them go from flat to 3D. The polar bear is adorable!!

  2. Aren’t the Pom Pom makers fun and easy to use! Love the wreath, and the bear is adorable.

  3. That's a great wreath! How warm and cozy is that going to be? So welcoming. The bear is adorable. I never realized how much babies like knitted toys until I babysat one of the Grands. I never made any for my own kids but Daughter's 9 month old loves the ones she bought for him.


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