Sunday, October 2, 2022


I gathered 10 cart-fulls of debris until I called it quits!  I looks better that the view out the windows is clear at least.  There's lots more but it will wait.
When I took a ride out to the flooded area, I could see the White Egret in the water and a cormorrant on the boat!
I had to pick up some meds at the store and drove around to survey the damage in town--they were doing a very good job of cleaning up yards and streets.  Our town is old enough to have several Victorian homes in good shape!  Pretty.  This one is on a hill overlooking Crescent Lake.
Look!  The Lifesaver Cactus is in bloom!
When I needed to come in and cool off, I decided to knit with some of my handspun yarn!  It worked beautifully!
I made two hats out of one 3 oz skein-a toddler and youth hat with it.  The blue/orange hat is one I reworked from the early hat I made because I have learned how to change colors better than in the beginning! lol
I also finished block #6 and am looking for my next one!


  1. Our town is all sandbagged up waiting for that coastal flooding they promised us. It hasn't been a deluge here but it doesn't take much once the bay takes on more than it can handle. At least we didn't get the winds-so far.
    Your handspun projects are lovely. I had so much fun going through my bins and sorting it out. I wish I was better at using it up. Must knit

  2. My lifesaver cactus is in bloom too! I got so excited when I noticed it!

  3. You sure got a lot cleaned up. Good for you! The knitting looks great too. The handspun yarn knitted up really nice. My machine is supposed to be here on Tuesday. I hope it comes before we leave to go camping although I won't be able to take it with us. I'll probably be panic emailiing you for help when I finally get to use it. :-)
    Take care my friend.


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