Wednesday, December 7, 2022


I wrote my Christmas cards yesterday--my goodness that is a labor of love!  Since this Fall (Sep-Dec) is the healthiest I have been in years, I thought I could expend the energy to write them up!  As a reward, I knit a few hats and did some sock knitting.  
Do you still send out a bunch of cards?


  1. I send out some cards...not as many as I used to though.

  2. Lovely hats! I send out a handful of cards. No long letters or notes in them - just sweet and simple

  3. Love the hats - I send fewer and fewer each year....

  4. Yes, I still send cards.I prefer to add handwritten personal notes. I detest receiving a card that is just signed or has a printed signature. It seems my card list gets smaller every year. Love the hats!

  5. I do send out cards, but I'm thinking this might be the last year. It's just getting ridiculous in price between the cards and the postage. I sound like such a grinch. Sadly, Christmas has never been a favorite holiday of mine.

  6. We send out a bunch of cards and still get a bunch back and it is a lot of work. Mine are ready to go. I was just waiting for my stamp order to get here. I forgot all about getting holiday stamps this year.


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