Sunday, December 4, 2022


See the green anole? 
 He is the only native lizard in No. America. 
 He is often called a chameleon because he can 'tint' to his environment but he is not a true chameleon. 
 We love to spot these guys!
So yesterday I asked for Bill's help in finding some of his reclaimed lumber to make a floating shelf.  I watched a YouTube video  several times and was ready to give it a go myself!  
He cut several boards to size for me and I began the job of sanding the 'aged' color off so I could stain it a light oak color.  Here it is being held together with clamps so I could then put in finishing nails!
For this floating shelf, you build the outer shell to size which will then fit over the 'framing' that is first attached to the wall with bolts.
I cut all of the inner pieces making them just 1/8" smaller than the inside of the outer shelf so I would have wiggle room to slide it over the frame when it is installed on the wall-
The inner frame is all glued and clamped and just waiting for me to screw it together when I wake up another day!  
My body was worn out with all of the lifting, 
cutting, sanding and nailing!
And I closed out the day with the rest of the skein of the print on one side and ivory on the inside for this beanie.  

Today, I am going to visit my youngest son after church because it is his birthday!  



  1. Happy Birthday to your son! Our youngest's birthday is December 7.
    Those hats! I wish I had stuck with trying to get my machine to work. I can't believe how many you get done.
    I'm looking forward to seeing the floating shelf. I wondered how they got them to fasten to the wall. Now I know! Thanks!
    Finally, I had to really search to find that little green anole. He definitely blends in.

  2. I am in awe!!!! I can handle all the tools along side The Mister when we are working but I would never be able to do anything like that on my own. The few times I've tried were a disaster. I can't even assemble Ikea furniture on my


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