Saturday, December 3, 2022


I drew a mandala on that square piece of wood....
so I can fill in the shapes with 'just a few' of the hundreds of shark's teeth!  (these were from my son-in-law!)  It's working out well--I decided I need to paint in the lines of the mandala first and then lay out the glue in each small area at a time
 for the 'mosaic' of teeth to be applied!
And I am going to be that Grandma who has to brag about her oldest granddaughter....she is2nd from the right, second row.    (blond hair-no hat)    This is a screenshot so it's showing only about 1/4th of the size of the choir!  she was part of the Bob Jones University choir for the annual tree lighting and caroling night--it was live and we got to watch it on tv!  (gotta love technology to keep us connected!)  We had friends over and I tuned in for the concert and we listened together--it was wonderful!



  1. I've got a big jar of shark's teeth my mother collected. She would have love your solution to displaying them. She donated some of her big ones to the local marine museum.
    How thrilling to be able to "join" in for the choral event. Our Christmas parade got rained out today and I am so bummed.

  2. Congratulations on the choir event. How wonderful to be able to see her on TV with your friends. We always need to brag on our grandchildren. It's a Grandparents duty! :-)
    That shark-teeth mosaic is going to be fun to see.


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