Friday, December 23, 2022


No, I have not opened a Plant Nursery! 
 We would cover the sensitive plants if there was temps predicted for the 30's but since they are saying we will get three-four nights in the low 20's, we are trying
 to save as many as we can!
Bill spent most of yesterday moving plants in, covering the ones too large and trying to  save the fruit that is ripe on the trees-oranges,, tangerines and grapefruits!  
They can handle an occasional drop into the 30's 
but this will be a strain on the trees and fruit!
I worked on the lathe-putting the many layers of finish on the bowl and sanding between each.  Very calm work!

I knit a scarf with the little handspun leftover balls- (which I found cleaning out the yarn bins!)-it is 6' long!  
Thank good ness for the Sentro knitting machine--this is double-layered and going to be needed this weekend!
I also made some hats to send to family!
I plan on sitting in front of the fire tonight!
I hope you are keeping warm, too!


  1. Dark and rainy day here across the world. Take care and stay safe and warm.

  2. We are hunkered down, too (currently 13 with a wind chill of -4), but I only brought down and covered my two hanging baskets of pansies…everything else is dormant here already! Hope your flora can hang tough for the next few days!

  3. We are all in survival mode at the moment. We've been getting ready for this big freeze and wind event all week. Stacking wood, hunkering down kitty huts, stocking up on water. All this and not a flake of snow. Darn.

  4. Hope everything comes through the freeze. It's so sad to lose the fruit on the trees.

    We are going down to the single digits this afternoon with high winds. I love winter ..........I don't love it that much. YIKES Hoping for no fire calls.

  5. It’s a lot of work to prepare for a storm. I’m glad your plants will be safe in the garage. The bitter temperatures are beginning to move our of Wyoming, but they caused a lot of havoc.

  6. Oh boy!!! I am glad you have room to bring as many in as you can - that's quite the cold... and the prolonged part sucks!! ( we are on day 3 of -31 and I am not a fan) its weird how plants and animals can handle the drops in temp - its the prolonged part that becomes so dangerous... You stay warm too!!!

  7. That's what my place looks like when I bring the house plants in for the winter

  8. It's cold and icy here at the moment, and I'm hoping the plants in the garage will survive. Nobody is going anywhere on our hill!


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