Sunday, December 25, 2022


A very Merry Christmas to you today! 
 We've put a dinner in the oven and are off to church, 
then home for a nice dinner for the two of us! 
Yesterday did indeed mean bitter Florida temperatures of 24*--we had to run a trickle of water from our faucets to ensure the pipes wouldn't freeze.
On the way to visit our son, we saw one of the reindeer on the road--it just might be Rudolf!
These nuts had fun with me on the trampoline--I never let go of the pole but did have a tons of laughs!
(yes, it was cold out still!)
 I learned how to make a double layered dishcloth on the Sentro 48--it sure is pretty and is about the size of my opened hand--just right!  There is more of these in my future--with a color change to make it look more like a flower
 that the designer had in mind!  

I hope you have a lovely day today!


  1. Looks like you have a great time with the grands. Merry Christmas to you and Bill.

  2. Merry Christmas to the two of you Cindy. We had a lovely morning at church with a Nativity by the children and lots of carols sang. It was an old-fashioned service like the ones of my child-hood. Completely focused on Jesus, just as it should be.
    We'll be alone for most of the day and then go to Mandy's this evening to open their gifts from us. Our gift from them was the concert we went to earlier in December. (Where we got covid. The gift that keeps giving!) Ha!
    It looks like you had a great time with your grandchildren. I hope it warms up there soon. We're finally above zero for the first time in days.
    Merry Christmas my dear friend!

  3. Brrrrr.....that's about as close to a white Christmas you must get down there. Today we almost got into the 30's and it felt like spring. Lol...I hope you had a wonderful day and better weather on the horizon.

  4. Boy, that's really cold for Florida! Sure hope your plants are all OK. Sounds like you had a nice Christmas celebration and fun with your grand kids, too.


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