Saturday, December 24, 2022


The Quilt of Valor top is finally loaded on the frame! 
(and do you not that the design wall is empty!)
 I don't know what is wrong with my thinking because I knew I had to load this with the bottom at the top of the quilting so I could use the panto I chose right side up.  Well, I immediately forgot and loaded it wrong-
and had to rip out just a bit of quilting when I realized it pretty quickly that I had goofed!
  I turned it around and stitched the first row.
See the panto-last time I used it I had to do the writing upside down--this time I can 'write' more easily!
My other big project yesterday was fixing my Sentro knitting machine-the row counter stopped counting and it is a necessary tool!  I turned to YouTube and began to take the layers apart!
I learned that if you turn the needle base upside down to see how it fits, they will spill all over the floor!
I repeated this 3 times so I really got well acquainted with how it is built! lol  I was able to fix the counter, remove lint and lubricate the needle barrel--I even tightened the slack in the turning handle--the machine works now better than ever!  I love being a tinkerbell!
While Bill worked hard outside protecting the fruit trees, 
I admired my camellias--the red one is in full bloom.
The blooms are double-doubled layered! 
They are full and multi-colored in hue-dark pinks 
and true reds on the same bush!
This is from another bush--this is a very large 8" bloom  It looks more like a hibiscus bloom than a Camellia.
Bill built a 'hut' to protect the agave flower stalk!  It's creative and we will find out today if it does the job!  It is supposed to go down to freezing by 1am and then continue to drop to 24F by 7am.  It will take the sun until 3pm to warm it up to 45degrees
--a heat wave!  I hope you are or have fared well in this winter storm system!


  1. Hope the plant huts work — good idea! I did have to chuckle about turning the needle base over and losing the needles…absolutely something I would do, too! :)

  2. 26? In Florida? Brrr.... It is sooo cold here right now. It's been below 20 degrees all day and 10 degrees last night. At least our wind stopped and the sun came out.

  3. The Bomb Cyclone they predicted fro us didn't really arrive, but we did have a bit of snow and horrible wind gusts. So our travel on Friday morning was a bit stressful and slow. But we were able to be with family for our Christmas Adam, and Squish thoroughly enjoyed running around with her cousins. Worth the bitterly cold temps. Hope your plants survive!


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