Tuesday, December 13, 2022


Yesterday, in the afternoon, I tackled cutting the lumber for a small floating shelf.  I did this one all on my own (except for ripping the 8' piece cuz I needed two people for that!) 
and because I had already made one with this plan, 
it went much smoother this time.  (and quicker!)
I have my notes-much like I make when I am 'building' a quilt!  
I put a cheat sheet right on the table saw!
Just like I use when I use the rotary cutter!
And then cut my pieces.
  I am still using Bill's reclaimed lumber so the next step 
is an hour of sanding which I will tackle today. 
 The shelf box is glued and nailed already--
but the inner frame support is only glued and today it will be dry enough to predrill to screw together.
The shelf I made last week is completed-stained,
 buffed and polished!
Later this week it will be screwed to the wall in the church kitchen and ready for use!  I hope to have at least one more small one made to be hung also!  NO, I am not going into business-
this is definitely a one-off job!
When I got home from quilting group-I tossed the quilt down and headed for the rest room;  when I got back, Miss Lena was in full ownership!  (see, I did finish the binding!)  
But what she really wanted, 
was some of this! 
 She is totally addicted to being brushed!  
She practically bowls me over when I head to the studio
 so she can get there and beg for a good brushing! lol 
 I hope you are smiling now!


  1. Pretty quilt and gorgeous woodworking!!

  2. The shelf is beautiful. Sweet photos of Lena: I especially like the middle one.

  3. Lena sure lucked out when she ended up at your house.

    Giroux loves to be brushed too. He sure didn't when he was a little guy.

  4. I can't tell you how many times I used my quilting know how to get those angles cut on the stairway molding. Quilting rulers worked much better than a tape measure.
    Lena knows a good thing when she sees it. I've got a pile of laundry on the floor right now from things my kitties put their butts on this morning. I forgot to take my usual precautions when I leave the room and sure enough I found two of them sprawled out on Pup and my couch throws which they know is a no no because of my allergies.


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