Friday, December 16, 2022


Bill and I headed out pretty early to install the shelf frames with bolts and toggles.  There were a few wrinkles (like the wall being double thick so the bolts and toggles 
I already had were TOO short!)

Nothing like working in tight spaces but how exciting it was to see all of my measurements worked perfectly!  (Phew!)

The little shelves were hardest to put up because there wasn't enough room for both of us to hold, keep level and then use the drill!  It's a growing adventure! (The two shelves I need to make and install go to the right of this cupboard.)
The larger shelves were for the space over the freezer.  We laughed because we remembered to open the freezer door (the top) to make sure it wasn't going to hit the shelf! lol
We cleared off the top of the refridgerator--a very satisfying project.  While it was a LOT of work, it looks good and I am glad I did it.  I told Bill we only have two more shelves to install.  He says he isn't available for installation!  Ha!  I will schedule me in!

Today is an easy at home day--I will sew, work at the lathe and rest a lot after the work yesterday!


  1. Amazing! All that extra space for storage is wonderful and the fact that it looks so good is a bonus.

  2. Neat! I've always wondered how floating shelves worked!

  3. Those shelves look fabulous! Great job.

  4. Nice work on the shelves! Is this in your garage?

  5. They are perfect!!! I understand about the small space for 2 people to be working in. LOL


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