Saturday, October 24, 2020


Bill took off early yesterday morning to go to the lab and run a few errands.  He never got more than 1.5 miles from home;  a man ran a red light and they collided.  At least Bill hit their side of the car instead of them T-boning Bill or this would be a very different post!

The only sad part is  the loss of this vehicle which we both love to drive! 
 The insurance company has deemed it totaled so now we have to go car shopping 
which is hateful to me and tiring right now for Bill.  
We do go today and pick up a rental until we find the replacement.  
The car is a Ford Escape--Bill had a very narrow escape;  
how grateful I am that God spared his life.

We did have to go to where the car was towed and clean out all personal items 
and remove the license plate.  
I'm always sad to say goodbye to a car! 
 Very little was accomplished after all of the extras of the day--
I did have to cut the extra fabric to the side of the quilt I was working on at the frame 
and sew it to the bottom which was 6" too short!  
What a shock.  After sewing it to the bottom of the quilt, 
I loaded it back on the frame to finish the bottom border!
I knew there was a good reason 
why I always place the top closer to one side of the backing than the other!
Off the frame and awaiting its binding.
And a new quilt is loaded on the frame. 
 As soon as we are back from the Enterprise, I will hit the quilting trail!

 Doing my own thing, I have painted the front of my church.  
We will be driving our rental on Sunday which will be strange 
we will be going together and that is too wonderful!


  1. The same thing happened to me (in a Ford, too!)many years ago. I came out ok too, but my car was totaled as well. The young girl that ran the light was on her phone. By the grace of god, I had a witness that stopped, because she tried to fight it with my insurance company. So glad that your husband is ok. It's a scary thing.

  2. Oh my! So glad to hear he is OK. Look at the Mitsubishi Outlanders, we love ours. Very reliable. I get my machine set up Tuesday!!! Can't wait.

  3. Oh wow!!!! That was a narrow escape. We've hardly been going out but the last two times we did we saw two scary accidents. We had to move so they could land the helicopter for one of them. I am so happy Bill wasn't hurt. We love our Escape. We bought when I totaled The Mister's Scion a few years ago when someone hit me. It makes me not want to drive anymore. No one seems to be paying attention to what they are doing anymore.

  4. I am so glad to read that Bill wasn't hurt. Hope the other driver was okay too, even if he/she did cause the accident.

    I can totally recommend Subaru. We are an all Subaru family ... safe and reliable. We have a 2010, 2012 and 2020.

  5. Relieved to read that Bill escaped harm. The vehicle did its job of protecting him. Say an additional prayer of praise tomorrow!

  6. Oh no! My Dory is an Escape so I understand why you loved it! But as you say, at least it's only the vehicle and not Bill. Hope he's too banged up either. I've only been in one minor accident - no injuries, but I was pretty stiff and sore the next day from the impact.

  7. Hope NOT too banged up... gee... that was an important word to miss! Lol.

  8. I'm so sorry that Bill was in an accident but Praise the Lord that he is okay and just the vehicle was damaged. I don't enjoy car shopping either. When Dennis's truck was in the shop last week they gave me an Escape as a rental. It was a nice little car. I'll be praying for you as you look for a new vehicle.

  9. Not fun...sad to see the car all smashed up... thankful it was the car and not Dad!

  10. Oh goodness, I am so relieved that Bill was OK, and amazed that despite the trauma you have been able to both quilt and paint so creatively. Hoping the search for a new vehicle does not eat into your energy stores too much, and that all goes well in the meantime.


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