Friday, March 26, 2021

Another Row

A friend had a branch fall from her cedar tree and she thought I might enjoy it.  Her young son asked for something real from it....
I cut the branch up into pieces and even split one that was already cracked-it had more damage inside.
I have only cut dried cedar and it wasn't fun.  I thought this branch would be easier to turn because it is still fresh but I was wrong-the wood is still hard to play with-it cracks easily and it is a bear to work with.  I made a little saucer and bowl for her son and am working on a little bowl for her but that is it--I'm over cedar!!!
Look at the Fringe Tree blossom!  It is about 10' across-it is very dry out so Bill is bringing a hose over to water this tree-it looks like it is struggling!
 I managed to finish painting the white shelving--it took several coats to look all better.  Now I have to cut and paint the shelf between the layers of shelving for a center rack--you will see what I mean when I do it and show you a picture.
I also finished the row I added to the sock scraps blanket---
Lena approves.
It is long enough to wrap under my feet and warm them up!


  1. It is very fun to look at that afghan and recognize socks! Bummer on the cedar... makes sense that it is hard to turn, since it is loved because of its rot-resistant properties, but sad that’s it’s not fun to use, because it smells so wonderful!

  2. Pity the cedar is such a pain to work. I love the scent of cedar. Pretty blanket!

  3. The little bowl and saucer are so sweet. I'm sorry you didn't enjoy working with the wood though. I imagine it's like yarn, there are some you love to play with and some you won't use again.
    Your blanket is so pretty and Lena definitely looks like she approves. I'm looking forward to getting my blanket from storage to add more rows too once everything arrives at the house.

  4. Whoa.....that blanket is huge!
    The little bowl is sweet. I bet it smells good. I used to love the cedar grove my mom had on the side of her house.

  5. So, what is your favorite wood to lathe? Adorable little set. I totally get what you mean about your shelf unit, it will be awesome!


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