Friday, March 19, 2021


Lena helped me cut out the latest pieces for the mystery QOV
 I am working on!
But the majority of the day was taken up with the pressure washing of the pool deck--you can see here how much it needed this job!
See how much fresher it looks after cleaning?
It sure is a lot of loud, tedious work, though!
Not to mention the moving of all of the plants
 and furniture to empty this area!!!
Over the last few days, I was working on the a vase.
  This is from a piece branch from the grapefruit tree.
The branch twisted beautifully and the vase highlights this clearly.
There are also several cracks on the outside which do not go all the way through the wood so they add to the texture.
But this was what was so interesting about working on this vase;  the unusual shape of the branch left a concave side as I turned this on the lathe!  And the wood feels so good in your hands!
But I did drill it out and glued the glass vial in place
so that it will be useful as well as attractive!
3" wide and 10" tall. 


  1. Power washing is mesmerizing to me. I hate the sound of it but watching it do its thing amazes me. I couldn't believe the difference in our deck when we did it last summer.

  2. The grain and shape make the vase beautiful. It amazes me how much grim builds up on patios and decks. It’s satisfying to give them a good cleaning.

  3. So helpful, keeping the ruler from slipping!! LOL

  4. Lena is doing a great job holding the ruler straight.

    Oh, I remember pressure washing. It was an every 6 month thing at our house. I think we'll have to do it this summer here. Our garage could use a little refresh.

  5. Lena is very good at keep you on the straight and narrow with the ruler!
    Pressure washing makes such a huge difference. I remember having to wash the deck at our house and the beautiful way it looked afterwards. Having a pool seems like such a wonderful thing.
    And finally, that vase is a work of art. I think it's fascinating how each one looks so different.

  6. The piece of wood definitely needed to be a vase — good decision!! It beautifully highlights the natural qualities of the branch. So exciting to see your pool deck refresh happening!

  7. I just have to say that I am way too lazy to own a pool. They are one of life's little luxuries, but they do need upkeep. We went shopping for deck furniture yesterday and our main criterion was low-maintenance.


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