Sunday, March 7, 2021

What a Great Day!

The chimney is completed!  It was drizzly and chilly yesterday
 but I worked anyway until it was done! 
 What a good feeling to have it off the unfinished list! 
 I really did enjoy doing the tile;  
it looks just like I envisioned 4 years ago!
Inside, I wanted to sew the rest of the blocks for the QAL.
I placed two fat quarters face to face, 
drew the grid to sew the HST's 
and then cut them out-within minutes I was done 
with this part of the first clue!
The part that took the rest of an hour was the trimming! 
But 40 squares later, 
it is going to be worth it later when I sew them in place!
The instructions and the 40 blocks were packed 
             into a large baggie.  I'm ready for clue # 2!             
I wasn't ready to quit sewing so I appliqued the other stem
 and pieced one more of the shamrock lobes.

Yes, it was quite a good day!


  1. Congrats on the finish! Your outdoor living space looks so inviting. I'd give anything to sit outside of a bit right now. March cold is just so cruel.

  2. The chimney looks fantastic. I look forward to watching your mystery quilt become less mysterious!

  3. Continually astounded at your skill! Love the chimney.

  4. WOW! That chimney looks professionally done! Wonderful job. The quilts are looking great too. You amaze me. It makes my few mittens for the week look quite puny. :-)


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