Sunday, March 21, 2021

Among the Cracks of the Day

The first day of Spring was more like winter again for us today!  These sunflowers shivered throughout the day!
A lot of this went on through the day, too!  
The weather threatened rain several times and even a few sprinkles dampened the project!
While I wasn't being a gopher, I finished the last of the 80 units for the Mystery QOV!
They are now bagged up and will wait for clue 4 this week.
While Matthew was working on the pool area, Bill was working on painting the ceiling in the family room.  This room will be a bit upside down for a few more days because we will be painting the walls, too!  
I dashed into the sewing room 
and recovered the patio footstool cushion
 and then made a pillow to match.
I have a lot of this print out of outdoor fabric so I will make a whole bunch of pillows for the chaise lounges 
and deck chairs in the lanai.
By evening when we had to give up on painting the pool decking because of rain, I was glad to be done with the clean-up and hit the couch, cat on lap and sock knitting in my hands! 
 I ran out of yarn (size 12 socks to blame!) for the second sock--so, here is another reason to knit toe-up--I unraveled the first sock at the top and used the yarn to knit up on the second until they were both the same height!   

I now have a finished and matching,
 pair of man-socks for middle son!  
Too bad I didn't have them done before he headed home!


  1. Can’t wait to see the finished paint jobs! The new pillows will be a fun accent.

  2. Now that's some major spring cleaning you've got going on! Those cushions are beautiful!
    It was more like winter here yesterday too. We took Pup for a walk and I nearly froze to death. It should warm up a bit today.

  3. That's a busy day! You have me looking forward to sunflowers this year!

  4. My goodness you're busy at your house! I hope everything continues to go smoothly. What color are you painting your family room? The patio looks great!

  5. There is nothing cozier than a photo of knitting and a kitty lounging on your foot cushion.

  6. Everything is going to look so fresh! Good luck getting your painting done!

  7. You packed slot into your weekend! The QOV mystery is coming along nicely.


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