Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Still in the Reno ' Mode

I have been doing so much Spring cleaning I haven't been able to unwind at the lathe.  I loaded up some more of the grapefruit tree and try to make another natural shaped bowl.
I do have to work with this flat side.  I am starting to work and just letting a design come to me.  It is very relaxing.
While I will work some more on the lathe, the main goal of the day is to make three shades for the family room and kitchen area.
 I treated myself to some fancy tulips when I had to be out and about for appts yesterday.  Very cheerful!


  1. Those tulips are gorgeous! It will be fun to see this bowl develop.

  2. That is going to be an interesting bowl! Pretty tulips.

  3. The tulips are stunning.

    It will be interesting to see what you do with that flat side.

  4. Beautiful tulips and HOW do you make shades? This will be fun to see. I think the bowls are amazing. How you see a shape and bowl in that chunk of wood is beyond me, and then you finish it and there it is! A gorgeous bowl. You are a very talented woman. I'm still smiling when I think of the bowls you gave to the bowl and his Mom

  5. Gorgeous tulips: I love the ruffled petals. I haven’t purchased fresh flowers in a long time.

  6. Spring cleaning, yard work...I wonder why we complain so much about winter. All the fun stuff has to take a back seat when the weather is good.


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