Friday, March 12, 2021

Mini Orchid

My mini orchid is in bloom.  It has taken a few years to bloom again but it has done beautifully this year!  The bloom is about 1 1/2" across.
After drilling a hole in the top of the piece of wood (the area that I will hollow out for the bowl), I mount it to the 4-jaw chuck.  
Then it's time to make the tenon on the bottom of the bowl
 and also shaping the sides.
Once the shaping is finished, it's time to sand 
and then to apply finish.
I've tried lots of them but haven't found one 
to be my go-to one yet!
The worm screw is removed from the wood and the jaws.
Then I turn the bowl around, tighten the jaws around the tenon.  I have it all ready to hollow out the center 
and that I hope to do today!
I spent the afternoon buffing up the early pieces and signed the bottom of each one!  I must  say, I am in love with this craft.  What a wonder it is to me most of all........


  1. Beautiful collection of wood pieces! It took me a minute to figure out where you had them displayed...I don’t have that furniture fixed in my head yet! Lovely bloom, too.

  2. It is a wonder. Thanks for the tutorial. It is fascinating see all the steps you have to go through.

  3. You have certainly made some beautiful pieces. Love your mini orchid too.

  4. I think the wonder is seeing what the wood will become. They are all so beautiful and all so unique.

    Your mini phal is beautiful. (I had a terrible morning. Woke up to my two orchids teaming with ANTS! YUCK!)

  5. I'm so late commmenting today. It's almost tomorrow! I was busy sewing and trying to get as much done as possible so I can put the mess away.
    I enjoyed seeing the process of making a work of art and the collection on the hutch. You are a true artist of many different mediums. I'm in awe.
    Blessings and hugs,


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