Tuesday, March 23, 2021


Remember this idea for a table runner?!  Well, I dug it out yesterday and finished the stitching around each of the appliques.  Then before I could leave it in another pile, I put it right on the frame and quilted it up.
I did a bit of thread play, too, which was a fun accent.  
I will be putting the binding on first thing today 
so it will be able to be used! 
By then, my friend will be here to help me paint
 the living room/kitchen walls!  


  1. You don't stop!!! So much that you do and now you are going to pain walls??? The table runner is very pretty.

  2. That's an amazing applique job!
    Good luck with your painting. I've got a hallway that needs finishing but until I can move all the bookcases back into the living room that's not going to happen. We should be back in business at the end of April for the kitchen remodel. All our shots will be done by then. I can't wait. What I am not looking forward to is making all the decisions I will need to make. I feel like I am starting over on the whole process because I've had too long to think about it.

  3. That is a lot of lobes to stitch around — nice to get that done!

  4. Oh I love it!! That will look so great on your table!!

  5. Perfect for summer! It is gorgeous!

  6. What a pretty runner and it will look so nice for a spring/summer runner.
    We have always done our own painting but we decided to have a painter do the new house for us for a couple of reasons. The first being my back and that the entire inside needs done. (Except that main bathroom because I still don't know what we're doing there.) Another reason is that Dennis won't be there to help. We both enjoy painting but sometimes practicality wins out. However, none of the painters have even given a bid so it may be a moot point and we may be doing it anyway. Ha!
    Have a great day and don't overdo.
    Blessings and hugs,

  7. The runner is gorgeous and perfect for Spring and Summer. I used to love painting walls (not ceilings) until all the stooping and bending started to make me dizzy.

  8. Lovely! Did you draw it from scratch or use a pattern, I can't remember. It would be awesome in our condo, so I want to make one too!!


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