Monday, March 29, 2021

Live Edge Bowl of Cedar

I applied myself and made a cedar bowl for my friend who gave me the fallen branch.  I even found a finish for the wood that sealed it without hiding the cedar smell!
(A beeswax!)  The bowl is 4" wide and 3" deep.
 I gave the bowl to her and the little bowl and saucer to her son at church yesterday--they both held it up to their noses for a good smell!   It's a bit washed out here, but the softness of the bark and the whole bowl feels good in the hands. 
 I do love working with wood--



  1. Love it. I can imagine the smell. I might need to spruce up my cedar chest with some beeswax. I also need to re-glue the lid as it split on the original seam. Any suggestions for wood glue?

  2. Your friend and her son will cherish the things you made from the fallen branch. I’ve always wanted a closet lined with cedar.

  3. It's such a pretty little bowl Cindy. I know both will be loved for a long, long time. Cedar smells so good I think it's neat you found a finish that allows the fragrance to come through.

  4. I'm sure they will love their new bowls.


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