Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Three FO's

The weather went from gloomy to rainy so I couldn't get to work on the chimney instead I went right to the sewing room.  
I laid out the three petals for the Shamrock and then played around with the stem outline.
I traced it onto Lite Steam 'n Seam and then drew out the one for the second block as long as I was getting out the supplies.
This green was just what I needed
 but not the 'right' side of the fabric which had stars. 
 No, the reverse is all mottled and just right.  
I even remembered to iron it onto the wrong side BUT the only thing I didn't remember to do was to draw the reverse of the shape I wanted--because I expected the stem to curve to the right and instead it goes the OTHER way.  I'm living with it!
Since it was still raining after lunch, 
I headed out to the garage for some lathe time.
Way too quickly, I was done with the newest vase.
I kept some of the green bark with the caved in side
 in this Sycamore branch for interest.
Today, I will be gluing the test tube inside the drilled out hole 
so it will be a useful vase as well as pretty!
And best of all, I finished the socks! 
 Nyki thought I took forever!


  1. I love the shamrock! I have the same problem when I try to transfer images. My brain just can't reverse things correctly.
    The latest vase is very pretty. You've got an eye for making the natural designs work for you.
    Congrats on the sock finish! Some of them just take their sweet time.

  2. I love your shamrock!! Such a cute design. The socks look so cozy, but I must say the vase is the fav of the day!

  3. Such a productive time you've had - amazing to have completed all three projects. Your shamrock is lovely - funny how the reverse of something is often better than the front! Warm socks, a pretty table and a very handsome vase to put on it - sounds perfect.

  4. Nyki is admiring all you got done today!

    The shamrocks are beautiful.

  5. You always amaze me at what you get done. That shamrock table runner is going to be so fun. Love everything about it. The vase too. The natural knots and insects holes in your projects add so much interest to them. Love my little snowman. He sit's in front of the TV and I see him everytime I look up!
    Nyki looks happy to be in out of the rain and snuggled up nice and dry.

  6. ❤️ the vase and the shamrock!

  7. It is funny how sometimes it is hard to visualize reverse in our heads when quilting or crafting. Glad your stems will work as is! The vase is beautiful. (I tried multiple times yesterday morning to comment, but for some reason it was giving me fits. It’s fine this morning!)

  8. That's a beautiful vase! I'm with your kitty and think your socks look great, too.


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