Sunday, March 14, 2021

Up to My Neck in Clover!

I went right to work on piecing the last lobe for the clover and just wasn't satisfied!  They needed to touch in the middle at the stem and they weren't.  I ripped out each large block from the other and took off the sashing strips.
When I put them down to see it wasn't distinct enough--each lobe blended into its neighbor....

I added a strip to the side between lobes and pressed it out and trimmed so it is still a squared block.

Now when they are together, it is just the right look!  What a lot of work but such a good feeling to conquer a problem!
I put the two newly renovated blocks back together and I liked what I had...but there were so many green squares leftover, 
I added a border like I did to last month's runner. 
 It looks framed now!
I even loaded it onto the frame and wait until you see the backing!  I went stash diving to find just the right piece I remembered from somewhere a long time ago....

That pretty much summed up my Saturday!  
Today, I am knitting the ribbing up that man sock!


  1. It's perfect!! Can't wait to see the finish. Now I have to go back and see what the last runner was, I forgot!

  2. It turned out perfectly. Just in time for St. Paddy's Day.

  3. Brilliant! I love your fix. As I was reading the first part I was thinking, "I wonder if she could just put a thin strip of white between each lobe?" And the next think I read was just that! Great minds and all! Ha! It looks great. Looking forward to seeing the backing.

  4. Perfect! I love that border. It really is lovely!

  5. That was a Saturday well-spent. Such a darling quilt.


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