Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Color is Applied!


Well, what a day of painting!  My friend, Summer, and I made quite the team.  We managed to paint the whole living room/kitchen area (23' x 13") in one day!
The new fabric I covered the cushioned insets on the bench are a perfect match!
The paint is by Behr, their top-of-the-line paint, Marquee, and it surpassed my expectations!  It really is a one coat coverage, goes on beautifully and cleans up great!  We will paint the dining room next week;  I can hardly wait!

I have been idling my knitting muscles by working on adding a row to my sock yarn scraps blanket.

And today for sure, that binding is going on the newest table runner!


  1. What a beautiful color! Perfect for a tropical paradise.

  2. Pretty color and FAST painting!!

  3. That looks like a close match to my kitchen/hallway/sewing room color!! I love it! We also used Behr, which I think is what put my heart out of rhythm. I had the issue after we started painting, and it stopped after we finished painting. Causation? Who knows. Just sent the monitor back in, so I wait the results.

  4. That is a LOT of painting for one day. Good job!

  5. Lovely colour! I don't mind painting personally, but my body tends to disagree after we are done!

  6. Wow, painted and the furniture back in place just like magic! It looks fabulous.

  7. I love it! I really do! And I'm so impressed by the quickness of your work. It matches the little bench so perfectly. It "almost" makes me want to tell the realtor we'll paint the house ourselves but there's so much to do I just want it done.


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