Friday, March 5, 2021

Take a Tour About the Yard

We had to run an errand in the morning yesterday that ended up taking up a good portion of the day.  As we crossed over the St Johns River, there was a sailboat taking advantage of the beautiful weather.
We took a golf cart ride when home-the azaleas are stunning!
The bromeliads are blossoming.
And the amaryllis are about to burst into bloom, too!
The citrus trees are full  of buds; 
 I hope the bees are up to their work of pollenating!
Way out back , there is still evidence of the big frost this winter, the banana grove is devastated but there are signs of some green coming from the middle of the grove.  
The remaining dead pines are being adored by the woodpeckers;  a red headed one was busy at work while we were there.
I am knitting on a pair of socks for Matthew-the socks are a chocolate/black color which is hard to knit on but he will like it.   


  1. How lovely! It all looks like paradise to me. This March is being very cruel. The cold wind has been too much for even The Mister to brave.

  2. It must be a real tonic to see so much flowering around you ... We're hoping, in the midst of our freezing fog, for some daffodils soon. How lovely to see a boat on the water in that bright sunshine. Hoping the socks won't be too arduous to knit - they look as if they'll be very useful and hard-wearing.

  3. Beautiful blooms and scenery! The sock color is very classy but definitely not on the “fun” list to knit with... maybe he wouldn’t mind some neon stripes mixed in there?! :)

  4. The smell of the orange blossoms must be wonderful.

  5. Nice photos and I love the blue sky, too, with not a cloud in sight! Your flowers are beautiful. Brave you, working with that dark yarn!

  6. Ah, the view! Maybe I need to just take off and spend a week in Daytona!! So, will you be using any of the pine for lathe work?

  7. Look at all that colour! We still have a pile of snow in the backyard. At least the sun is shining.

  8. All of those beautiful flowers around you. How wonderful! I was concerned after that frost but it even looks as if the banana grove will survive after all. I've gotten my first vaccine appointment for Monday! I'm so glad that we'll both be vaccinated before driving to and from Nebraska.


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