Saturday, March 13, 2021

Bowled Over

Clue #2 of the Mystery A12 Dakota Inspired Quilt was accomplished yesterday.  The seaming was a new idea to me but it worked great without another 30 mins of trimming!
(the seams are on the outside edge of these right-sides-together strips;  you cut down the center after cutting the strips to length)
All of my pretty little rails were done in no time!
Yes, I had an energetic helper the whole way!
Put in the zip-loc with clue #1 for safe keeping.
This bowl is 5 x 3" from Black Walnut!  We had several giants in our yard in NY.  Yes, the tree could be messy but we loved the large canopy from the two sentinels in the backyard and the nuts in the Spring were delicious!  (the ones that survived the squirrels all winter!)
This is a hard wood but turned without any problems.  It sanded and buffed up beautifully.
This is probably a better idea of the deep color of this bowl.  And yes, the pink runner is still on the table!  I'm letting it remind me to get to work on the green one!
So I did layout another lobe of the clover and will sew it up today!  I have a designated sewing time so I won't get distracted with the lathe....


  1. That bowl is just exquisite! I have two black walnuts on the ground here that went over during two different hurricanes. They are so hard to cut up that we just left the trunks for the cats to play on. I miss them. I used to make dye with the nuts for my fleeces.

  2. Black walnut makes a beautiful bowl.

  3. How I’d love to see and touch all of the bowls you’ve made! They are truly beautiful

  4. OMG!!! That bowl is gorgeous!! Wait, I say that about all of them, don't I? LOL. Glad you had a great visit with your grands, and your runner will be awesome when done.

  5. That bowl! Oh my goodness Cindy. It's beautiful. I have always liked walnut but that bowl absolutely glows.
    I enjoyed seeing all of your sewing too. I finished the last of the 6 new dresses at 8:30 this evening. I would sew, sit in my recliner and pin the next part. Sew, rinse repeat! :-) Over and over for the past few days but the dresses are DONE! Hallelujah! I love the sewing but my back doesn't. The spasms were just trying to get going tonight when I stopped. Now my summer wardrobe is complete. I still have material to make two more fall/winter dresses after we're settled in the house. I hope to have a spot to leave my sewing machine up and available whenever I want to sew. Then I can sew a seam and leave it.
    Take care and enjoy your lathe.


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