Sunday, March 28, 2021

A Kinda Birthday!

Matthew came and finished the pool area-it did need two coats.  That wonderful sunshine takes its toll.
Nyki made sure she left her mark on his work!
Look who Matthew brought with him this time----they couldn't believe they had to wait for their swim!  
The day was very, vary warm so it was a long, hard wait for them but they were troopers!                                       

After the okay from Dad with instructions to keep splashing to a minimum, in they got!

As for the birthday reference, it was one year ago today that I collapsed from a reaction to the Copaxone shot I was given to slow down the MS lesions.  The shot caused my body to go into toxic shock;  I took an ambulance ride I do not remember, I have only a few memories of being in the ER and then pneumonia quickly set in which landed me in the ICU.  Covid was just raising its miseries and so I was allowed no visits.  I am very grateful for the regained strength today because for months I doubted being able to get out of bed and walk alone ever again! 

Life is precious and family and friends are our riches!  

Celebrate life with me today! 

 God is good--L'Chaim!



  1. The pool looks beautiful!
    I remember that scary time when you were ill and also the worries we all had about Bill's arm. You really had a time of it. How wonderful it must be for it all to be just a bad memory.
    My neighbor has MS and she was telling me that she can't get the vaccine because it hasn't been approved for use with her medication. She is a hair stylist and has been terrified of Covid since she had to go back to work.

  2. I remember it now. So glad you have gotten back to being able to do the things you love! Hallelujah!! We had a lovely 75° day yesterday, today, cloudy and maybe 53°. A great day to sew inside!

  3. So glad you are here today! The cedar bowl turned out beautifully.

  4. The pool looks fantastic! Love Nyki’s contribution! Very glad you were taking pictures poolside this year instead of in the hospital...

  5. Love the paw prints!

    That's a good anniversary to note, and we're so glad you're still here making so many wonderful things.

  6. Glad that you are feeling much better now.


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