Tuesday, March 30, 2021

It Took Too Long!

Yesterday, I decided to hang the two shelves I had cut and painted months ago.  I wanted to mount them on the wall in a manner called 'floating' shelves and watched YouTube to learn.  I did learn one thing--that it sure goes more quickly on a short video than it does in real life!  Everything went wrong and I made a lot of rookie mistakes.  
After several, uh, challenges,  I did try a method that kept the shelf on the wall so that I could put a few items actually on the shelf when I finished!
I used mollies and dowels as my method of hanging. 
 It did work out.  
but it was hard work to go up and down the ladder 20 kabillion times because I dropped every screw I tried to pick up!  I had to paint the replacement piece of wood so I covered the wall with paper and tape--it worked.
And 5 hours later, I had the shelf pretties arranged
 and declared it good!
Now it is a pleasant space over the doorway!
I did work outside, carrying in the things we had removed 
from the pool area so we could do the painting.  
This will be a good place to sit and relax!
There were 6 of the irises in bloom!  So pretty.
 And last night, I cast on a new summer sweater !  This yarn is cursed so I hope it will work for the sleeveless Summer Tee pattern by Berroco called Phillipa.  


  1. Nothing ever goes as simply or as quickly as it does in the shows/videos! They should add a disclaimer at the end: “This half-hour project actually took three days!” etc! Haha! Looks great, though... nice use of that space. Fun to picture the perked-up pool area!

  2. The shelves turned out great and look so nice. Congratulations!

  3. You need to get one of those little magnetic wristbands that holds your screws, etc for you! It's good for sewing pins too!

  4. I've learned that when Dennis says it will take a half an hour, I should plan on 3 or 4! Seriously, those shelves look great! I always wondered how they put them up and now I know! I've learned a LOT from your blog my friend.
    The patio looks amazing. Isn't it great what a coat of fresh paint will do?

  5. Excellent finish on the shelves and on the patio!

  6. They look great!!! Your adventure reminds me of when we were hanging those storage boxes on the wall of my craft room. I watched so many videos of folks doing it wrong. It took us forever to figure out how they were supposed to be done and all it took was finally just reading the directions that came with them.

  7. The shelves are beautiful. Love that look over the doorway.

  8. I am so impressed with your shelves. They certainly look beautiful, and are such a good way to show special items.


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