Monday, March 8, 2021

Take a Turn

The other day, I was desperate to do a quick project on the lathe, digging through the wood, I found this little bit of Maple. 
 After a trim on the bandsaw, it was ready to go!
You can see the lines from the bore beetles. 
 In no time, I had the right little shape; 
a little rice bowl! 
 It has a few irregularities on the inside,
 just as I hoped.  I like the character.
 The outside is mostly intact with just a few small grub holes. 
 I will finish it today....


  1. I always find those wiggly lines so fascinating when I see them in the wood. Little tunnels running all over. I also love the woodpecker holes. They are so precise.

  2. Wood is such a varied and interesting medium. Like Deb, I find it fascinating. And, I love Maple!

  3. The bowl turned out beautiful with all its speckles of color.

  4. I’m usually not a fan of Maple, but the grain in this piece is quite beautiful.

  5. That is so neat with all of the little tunnels running through it and the grain is pretty too. Very nice.


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