Thursday, March 11, 2021

Love and Laughter

And boom!  The whole pot of Amaryllis are all in flower! 
 They are so striking!
This is what we did most of yesterday....I watch, they splash.  When they needed sustenance, we went in for some games until the outdoors called again!  It was wonderful to enjoy some extra long time!

On to mystery clue 2 today and some more work 
on the March table runner!


  1. Wow! The color on those blooms is amazing! I could go for a good splash right now. Your boys must be in heaven.

  2. Your pool looks so inviting and those amaryllis!!!!! gorgeous blooms!

  3. The clump of amaryllis is gorgeous - such a bounty of blooms.

  4. The amaryllis is so pretty. I can't imagine swimming outside right now. It's 26F outside! Brrrrr. I'm so glad you all had a good time. I'm counting down the days until Piper!

  5. When I first glanced at this post, my brains saw that the amaryllis are “so stinking” and I was a little confused. Haha! They are beautiful. Nice pool creatures you have there! 💙💙


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