Saturday, March 6, 2021

A Full Day

Clue #1 is out for my latest QUILT-A-LONG from QuiltyGirl .  This will close with the completion of a Quilt of Valor top so it's a win-win!  I managed to buy enough of the scanty fabric supplies at WalMart last week so I could begin on time.  If I had waited until we went to JoAnn's, who knows when I could join in.  
I'm not one for remembering to take a pic of food but every Friday night, I make us a pizza from scratch and we have enough to reheat on Saturday, too!  


  1. Quilting plus homemade pizza — great way to close out the week!

  2. Mmmmm pizza! I was watching a series called Pasta Grannies on YouTube last night and I had to get up and make some spaghetti at midnight. The Mister thought I was nuts. Then I watched a 100 year old make a pizza. That I didn't make. Lol...

  3. Sounds like another great quilt. We get pizza every Friday night. I order it in the early afternoon and Dennis stops on his way home from work. Pizza Hut large for $10.89, including taxes! I can't buy the ingredients for that price and we like their pizza. It's our one treat every week and we figure it helps them stay open. I pay for it over the phone and they run out and hand it to him when he arrives. Easy peasy.
    Have a great day my friend.

  4. I hate blogger! I can't comment on Safari on your blog. Oh well, I am watching along with QG, not needing another project right now. But if I can't stand it I know I will jump in. LOL!

  5. I am so impressed that you make pizza every week. I think I'm too lazy to do that. It sure looks yummy!

  6. We have a Friday night homemade pizza tradition too! It's not every friday, but usually every other (on grocery day when I remember to make sure we have toppings!)

  7. Yum! Pepperoni and mushrooms!


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