Wednesday, March 17, 2021

She Touches Several Bases

This is the view out my front window-the azaleas are all doing their thing and in the early morning light, they seem to be fluorescent!  You also see the driveway is covered by leaves, Live Oak leaves to be exact.  They shed in the Spring when their new leaves are already sprouted so they are never bare trees but what a mess!  So much so that by the time I was done blowing this area clear, it looked like this again in 20 minutes.  Embrace the season, I guess! lol
This is the other shelves that now hold all of the glass bottles 
I have collected.  
They are pretty here and safe from dust and curious fingers!
I also promised a view of the backing fabric to my table runner; you can see both the green thread and the white in this shot. 

 I have finally used this fabric so that is a very good thing!
Now here is what I spent an hour doing yesterday, 
and a glimpse of the preview in the background!
Apart from all of the deep cleaning I am continuing,
 I did spend some time at the lathe!  I used a piece of the grapefruit tree trunk to make this bowl.  The orange in the wood is actually a bacteria that dies when the tree does but it leaves this stain which people either love or disparage.  I like the look.
See what I mean?  The bowl has some beautiful shades of spalting and staining which adds to its natural look.
The little bit of bark is from the outside of the tree 
so the bottom of the bowl is from deeper in the trunk.
Yes, each new piece amazes me, too. 
 This is the usual 6" x 3".  I finished this one with Shellac and some buffing to make a nice satin finish.

Today, I have to go to the doctor's for the usual check-up and a stop to Home Depot for some new paint for several rooms 
and even the pool patio!!!!  How exciting is that!?


  1. Hexies! That's going to be fun.
    Your latest bowl is quite pretty. I've never thought about citrus wood before. I don't think I've ever seen a grapefruit tree.

  2. Pretty projects; how nice to have a lasting piece of the grapefruit tree. Painting projects sound exciting!

  3. Nice display cabinet for your bottles. And I love your grapefruit bowl - the staining is very pretty.

  4. Oh I love the driveway shot! It's supposed to start warming up for real this week. I hope to see blooms soon!

  5. The azaleas are beautiful and in my mind I can picture them in the setting sun.

  6. What gorgeous flowers. I'm sorry about the mess, but they are so pretty that it's worth it. The bowl turned out so pretty and unique. I love how you just never know exactly how it will be in the end, but they are always beautiful works of art. I like the staining too. :-) We bought Dennis's mom a cabinet almost exactly like that. You sure have lots of bottles in your collection. Nice!
    The painter was at our house yesterday so I imagine we'll be getting an estimate very soon. I hope it's painted before I arrive!

  7. Oh those oak trees. One year we bagged 56 33-gallon bags of leaves just from the BACK yard. We had several century+ oaks on our property. The azaleas are gorgeous. Mine aren't even showing much in the way of buds yet, but when they bloom they are spectacular too.

    Enjoy your gorgeous spring.

  8. The bowl is so unique! And hooray for new paint! Good luck with the painting!


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