Monday, May 10, 2021

A Calm Knit

I'm enjoying the sock knitting-a very cheerful sock.  
I'm close to the bind off stripe!
Another pair of birds we see every day, some turkey hens.  We place cracked corn under the bird feeder and they know it!  We've seen no chicks yet but it is close to the time we should spot some!


  1. I really like that colorway. I have some Felici on the needles right now but it is so bright and vibrant that it is getting on my nerves for some reason. I almost hate to pick it up. I am actually looking forward to casting on some plain ole man socks as soon as those are done.

  2. That's a very pretty sock. The colors look so soothing.

  3. The yarn is so pretty. I love the subtle colors.

  4. Cute socks.

    I saw a Tom in our neighborhood on Saturday. First turkey I've seen here.

  5. We saw quite a few wild turkeys driving too and from our new house. It will be fun to see what creatures Squirrelingtons can lure to the yard

  6. I think anything calm is perfect right now, enjoy.

  7. Such a pretty yarn! I don't think I've seen that colorway before in Felici. We saw a big flock of turkeys this morning on the way to return the u-haul trailer. They were only a block or two from our house. I was surprised to see them. We've been going, going, going today. We bought toilets and a TV! Then I unpacked box after box while Dennis set up his office for work. Mandy came over after dinner and the two of them mowed and trimmed while Piper and I unpacked more boxes and re-potted a couple of plants from my sister. Funny thing, after unpacking, there are still the same amount of full boxes! I believe they are multiplying. :-)


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