Monday, May 3, 2021

On the Needles

I'm still working on the Alna sweater by Berroco in Modern Cotton .  It is unusual in construction;  I am knitting from the right sleeve, cast on for the front and then for the back so I am now knitting the lace on the front bottom, up the front across the shoulder and down the back tot he lace on that hem!  It is long rows but easy to follow-mostly!  Cotton is not the easiest to knit with and my hands are so inflamed, I am slow!
It is easier to bring a dishcloth along for appointments and for this tired brain!
I was awakened from my nap yesterday by something slamming into my window over my head---it was a young Pileated Woodpecker!!!  He isn't flying too gracefully yet-he was hanging onto the screen on my window and then glided to the palm tree just outside my window and rested there for 5 minutes!
It was so nice to watch him at such close quarters!  He was raised in one of the dead pine trees at the pond.  I hope he stays local for a while!


  1. Woodpeckers can be SO loud! I remember there was one in Norfolk who would fly in an peck away at the metal roof of the sunroom at my MIL's house! Knitting with cotton tires my hands quickly.

  2. I've knit a couple of those crazy constructed sweaters and they do put you through mental gymnastics but they usually fit like a dream and are very comfortable. We've got plenty of those red headed woodpeckers in our woods. It's the one bird I can count on seeing everyday which means our trees are pretty buggy. The noise is crazy especially when they mistake the house siding for wood which thankfully they don't do very often.

  3. Maybe he will come up to northern Wisconsin, we have Pileated woodpeckers there. I love seeing and hearing them.

  4. Good to see that the woodpecker didn't knock himself TOO silly with the window.

    I love that navy yarn. It has a nice sheen to it.

  5. Such a beautiful woodpecker! I'm glad he didn't seem to be too hard. He probably has a head injury but you wouldn't know it would you? I love finally seeing the hearts.

  6. It doesn’t take long for my hands to complain when I knit with cotton. I haven’t seen a woodpecker in years.


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