Thursday, May 27, 2021


I had to move all of the furniture in the guest room so I could install the baseboards-are you tired of the theme I have lately?!  I'm on a roll and only have two more bedrooms and then my studio and I will be done! lol
I pushed everything to the middle and just barely fit myself around the edges so I could do the nailing 
and measuring of those pieces!  
The room is 16" x 12" with only one closet door to break up all of the lines;  much easier than the hall!
Once I finished moving things around for a new layout, 
I did a lot of dust bunny removal and a good clean
 as long as I was making a 'new' room!  
This is my hope chest bought for me 45 years ago by my husband;  I added a thick cushion to the top which is held in place by elastic casing around the edge of the cover.  It makes a good window seat!
After 56' of baseboards, the only place you really see them is on the walk in and by the window seat!  
But I know it's there! 

The moon was fantastic on the drive home from church last night but it was hard to see through our headlights.
I changed my phone to night vision and for a split second, Bill turned out the headlights and I caught this fantasy view !  Cool!  Once home, I walked all around the yard trying to get a view I could get a photo of but it was doomed-we have too many trees on our south side.  If I wake up at 3am, I might add a new photo here:
I did unwind with a bit of knitting and a good YouTube lesson for water coloring...I have the urge to paint again  but not until the baseboards are finished!


  1. That's the thing about really can't see them. They serve an important purpose here at least-keeping the creepy crawlies out. We have huge spiders and I always imagine them hiding in the cracks so I have to plug them all up. I added caulk to some of our baseboards that have a gap. I'm not taking any chances especially in the

  2. I love the new layout in that room. Great progress! The moon picture is gorgeous.

  3. Your "new" room looks beautiful, well done! xx

  4. Great job on the baseboards! I gave my hope chest to Mandy when we moved. I love the quilts in the guest room. So pretty.

  5. What a beautiful room! and those baseboards - a lot of work but SO amazing!! GOod job!! ( and you are hired!!)

  6. The moon really was spectacular. I've never mastered moon photography, but I sure did enjoy watching it rise through the trees.

  7. The quilts on the beds look like watercolor — so pretty. Fantastic photo of the moon. I keep forgetting to look for it.

  8. Pretty moon. It was too cloudy here to see much, but we had a wonderful rainbow before the sun set!

  9. Wow! You are an amazing woman!


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