Friday, May 21, 2021

The Desert Blooms

This Desert Rose sits right on the front porch, 
right in front of my kitchen window-what a view to enjoy!
Usually the majority of blooms hits its peak on Mother's Day 
but it is a bit behind this year-I'm just glad to see it bloom because the frost killed quite a few of the branches' tips 
this winter!
And some yarn came home from our trip to Daytona Beach today!  The dr appt went well.  
I have to go for xrays to confirm the diagnosis
 but he is 99% sure that what is causing the hand/wrist pain is psoriatic arthritis.  It's time for another first hand study for me to understand what is happening just below my own skin! 
 (it's another auto-immune disease in which my own body attacks myself-in this case, the joints in my fingers, hand and wrists, etc).  
 We were gone a long time today;  it was good to get home and finish this Japanese Maple bowl.  Per request, it is shown here for scale with a full-sized skein of sock yarn!  The bowl is 5" wide and 4" tall.

And I did finish one sock while traveling today!


  1. What a gorgeous plant!! Love your new yarn too. Hope you can find something that will help your hand.

  2. Your desert rose is gorgeous. We never had luck with those in Orlando and we tried several times.

    Did you go to She Sells Yarn??? That shop belongs to a friend of mine. Well, it did. I think her sister is running the shop now. Looks like you found some very pretty yarn.

  3. That rose is absolutely stunning as is the bowl you finished. I'm so sorry about your hand, my feet are my problem and it's much worse here in the humidity of the midwest.
    The yarn is beautiful. Was it part of your trip? And I do like the colors in the sock finish too. They look like happy socks!

  4. Sounds like you had a bittersweet day. I’m sorry you have to deal with another autoimmune diagnosis. Lovely blooms and sock yarn!

  5. What beautiful blooms! Yay for new yarn. It's always a big pick me up. I'm down in the dumps today with my pollen allergies which are off the charts awful this year. I had to run home and rip off my clothes and jump in the tub yesterday because I got too close to a tree. A tree....really. I don't usually get spring allergies I am a fall allergy person as a rule so I don't get it. I wonder if my body's response to the vaccine has anything to do with it? My auto immune response seems to be on a hair trigger these days with everything. Could just be stress, could just be old age I suppose....who knows but it's sure not fun. I want to go outside.

  6. Why thank you ma'am, it's a wonder how scale can mean everything! Yarn shop in Daytona or Ormond? I didn't know Daytona had one. I hit up the quilt shops, do I need to add a yarn shop to my visit?

  7. Beautiful flower and very pretty yarn!

  8. Such a pretty flower! Nice yarn choice, too. I love you bowl as well. So sorry to hear you are having wrist pain; that must impact your crafting. Hope you can get some pain relief soon!!

  9. The desert rose is lovely. The blooms remind me of frangipani or plumeria we get here, though we mostly see the white version rather than a dark pink variety. Sure hope you can find ways to ease the pain you're experiencing. I can see though that nothing is gonna stop you from creating beautiful things. Take care.


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