Thursday, May 13, 2021

Ocean Therapy

Look where we went yesterday!!!  It has been so long since we have visited the Ocean!
We set up the cabana first-Bruce burns very easily and the meds I am on are make me sun sensitive (and the MS makes me very heat sensitive, too, oh boy!)  
Anyway, we all went to the water first thing, the kids went in a lot farther than most!
Bill and I dipped our toes in the water and then Bill took off for a swim with the kids!
The dunes have suffered quite a bit of erosion since we were last there, too.  I love the way the natural world constantly changes-it always commands our respect.
The beach was not was a perfect day!
Abigail loved tossing my spilled Cheeto's to the seagulls--see this one with one in his mouth?!
I did this while enjoying the beauty all around me.
There was not a single shark's tooth but lots of shell bits!

An utterly perfect day!


  1. It was wonderful!!! Thank you! ♥️

  2. You really had that beach all to yourselves! How fun must that be. It is interesting to see how things change. We visit our beach almost daily and it looks different everyday depending on what the water has been doing overnight.

  3. What a wonderful day it must have been!! I don't get to see my beach until August, but that's OK, we have a full few months to get through before we can take off.

  4. What good therapy! I do love an empty beach.

  5. How fun! I don't know how you could even pick out shark teeth in that! I'd never be able to see them.

  6. Looks like you had a very pretty day for some beach time.

  7. It looks like a wonderful time with family. Oh, how I miss the beach, especially an empty one!
    I'm sorry I've missed some posts this week. Life is so busy right now and for two nights in a row I've fallen asleep with my computer in my lap trying to comment on blogs. I give up! I know you all understand.


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