Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Start the Week with a Bang

While I watered my flowers first thing, I noticed my Tropical Milkweed was completely bare;  I soon discovered why!  I brought one of my other milkweed plants over and coaxed him to board the one with all of its leaves!  I hope I will be seeing a chrysalis soon enough!

Inside, I tackled the quilting on the 2nd QOV and hours later completed the job!
I did bring out some practice fabric (the green) so that I can check the fit and if tweaking is needed, I can work it out before I cut out the silky flowery fabric at the top of the photo.
My goal was to cut all of the pieces of baseboard for the hall to my bedroom.  They are not nailed in place, only fitted but the major part of the work is done.  (my hall and the garage where the saw is are on opposite sides of the house!)
And by 6;00 I was ready for a swim and then a relax with an Audible book to knit by! 


  1. Whew....I am tired just reading all that you accomplished! I would have never made it to 6. I am worn out by 3 these days which doesn't bode well for the big kitchen remodel. Then again I do seem to be waking up at 5 every morning. My pandemic sleep cycle has been very strange.

  2. Sounds like you absolutely deserved that bit of knit time. (Although, really, we don't have to work for it. We deserve it anyway. LOL)

  3. The baseboard looks great and the pattern looks very, very similar to the one I make all of my dresses out of. The swim sounds lovely. I'm missing Larry & Nita's pool and the lake to swim in. These muggy days a swim would be lovely. I'm glad you finally had the time to relax and enjoy your yarn.

  4. You’ve been busy! I haven’t made a garment in years, but I enjoyed it when I did. I still have a handful of patterns. Enjoy your downtime and your book.

  5. Looks like you are checking lots of things off your to-do list. Always feels good to finish things up. And to have hobbies that keep us busy, happy and productive. :)

  6. So much greatness in one post!
    You are braver than I am making dresses... I'd far rather buy them from Old Navy! Lol. I never seem to get a good fit if I make them (plus they cost three times as much!)
    I hope you get a Chrysalis soon!
    Love that new sock yarn

  7. Golly, your productivity and abilities put me to shame! You certainly have started with a bang ... Your quilt is lovely, and I look forward to seeing how the sewing pattern works out. Silky flowers sounds just the thing for summer.


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