Friday, May 7, 2021

A Simple Day

I can't have an empty lathe! 
 I loaded on another  piece of the maple for a bowl.
A square bowl emerged pretty quickly. 
 I will wrap up  the sanding and finishing today!
Look what I finished at the frame yesterday!
I will be putting the binding on today and loading the pieced backing on the frame for the table runner!
The young sandhill crane is a teenager! 
 As soon as the parents saw me at the window for a photo,
He herded the kid right away 
staying between me and him the whole way! 
 Lena likes watching them, too!


  1. I'll bet Lena does enjoy watching those cranes...and I bet they could do some damage to Lena!! Keep Away!!!

  2. I always felt that way about the loom. I hated seeing it sit there unused. I had to pack it away for the remodel and can't wait to get it back out.
    Those are some big birds! I can't imagine what our kitties would do if they saw something so big!

  3. Love the bowl and your quilting. You are so productive. It's 10:45 and I'm still in my jammies writing emails. It's a strange day for sure.

  4. Apparently Mama and Papa crane are GOOD parents. :-)

  5. Lovely bowl and yippee for a finish! Are you keeping the quilt or does it have a recipient?


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