Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Wooed by Wood

Japanese Maple crotch piece is shaping up for a bowl.
I turned it around so it is now ready to be hollowed out.  The wood on this is lighter than I expected and it was a very dense wood which was also a surprise. This is still relatively green wood (as in freshly cut) but it is a slow growing tree so that must be why it is dense.  Since it is a first for me, I am enjoying figuring it out.  I really need to keep a journal.
Now this was the oak from my daughter's yard;  it  has been dried a long time but oak is a hardwood and so was an interesting cut. I started with a piece of split wood like the one the bowl is sitting on, rounded it and then hollowed it.  Pretty straight forward.

 The wood has a ton of  spalting and is incredibly beautiful; 

 like a zebra!  

The log and therefore the bowl are small; 

it finished at 3 1/2" by 1 1/2" and very light weight-what a surprise!  It has been good to work with wood at the lathe again...


  1. So, so pretty. Those smaller bowls makae great catch-alls for change or keys or anything. Nice job!

  2. It is an extra dose of fun to see our logs turn into bowls! I hate seeing trees cut down, even when they’re dead and/or a danger (necessary, I know, but I can’t help feeling sad anyway!), so this is such a great way for it to turn into something beautiful!

  3. Beautiful bowls as always. I really like that Japanese Maple. Someday ou will be remembered everytime someone uses a bowl you mLade for them. Such a treasure and piece of art.

  4. That is just gorgeous!!!!

  5. That is beautiful. I like seeing how all the different woods work up.

  6. Beautiful! And thanks for telling where you got the wood as I was wondering. We have a big Japanese Maple in our yard!

  7. Simply beautiful - I like small bowls/saucers for keeping rings and other jewelry safe when I take them off.


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